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Body Painting is a beautiful art form. From small, simple designs to full body coverage - it can be used as an exciting and eye-catching feature for any of the following:

  • Promotions/corporate events - meet and greet themed characters, painted promotional models (your logo can be included in the design)

  • Parties/events/festivals -  wow the crowd at festivals or dress up parties

  • Photo shoots - designs can be made to suit your requirements, I also offer paint and photo shoot sessions at my studio in Derry. Collaborations with other photographers are also available.

  • A Body art demonstration -   I’ve had the pleasure of demonstrating my body painting abilities to Hair & Beauty and Anatomy students at my local college. Such a great way to get the students fascinated and even more interested in their subjects.

Check out some of my body painting work in Gallery and book today!

Photo by David Hegarty_13476.jpg
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