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Face Painting For Kids

Are you planning a party and looking for a way to keep the children entertained? Then look no further.

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Face Painting For Adults

Face painting is not just for kids.

Grown-ups love it too!


Maternity Belly Painting

Personalised pregnancy belly painting is a fantastic way to capture this special moment of your life.

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Body Painting

Body painting is beautiful art form and it's quickly growing in popularity.


SFX Make-up

Anna's Cheeky Faces is also passionate about the art of prosthetic make -up often used in TV shows and movies.


Black Light / UV Painting

Have you heard of UV painting that glows in a black light? It's perfect for a black light party or a festival.


Glitter Tattoos

Temporary glitter tattoos are a great alternative to face or body painting. They are painless to apply and will last up to 7 days.



Anna's Cheeky Faces offers a range of face painting & SFX make - up workshops suitable for kids or adults.


Corporate Events

Every corporate event is better with a face painter! Nothing gets the families to turn out in numbers like the promise of a professional face painter to keep the kids happy.

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Professional photoshoots are available in my studio for all services listed above.

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